Find Out PAC Statement on Zurawski v. State of Texas Decision: Devastating Blow to Reproductive Rights

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, May 31, 2024 –  “Today’s Texas Supreme Court decision in Zurawski v. State of Texas is a devastating blow to women’s health and rights nationwide. By ruling against Amanda Zurawski and the other brave plaintiffs, the Court has once again shown a blatant disregard for the lives and well-being of Texans. 

This latest ruling underscores the urgent need for judicial change. Texas is ground zero for the reproductive rights fight, and what happens here serves as a playbook for extreme GOP politicians across the country. The stories of Amanda and the other plaintiffs are not isolated incidents. The laws are intentionally vague, creating confusion and fear among medical providers that deters them from providing women lifesaving and fertility saving abortions. Story after horrific story points to this reality. 

Women are not choosing to suffer from sepsis. They’re not choosing to bleed out in emergency room bathrooms after doctors refuse to treat their pregnancy complications. The Texas Legislature and the Texas Supreme Court are imposing this reality on Texas women.

Find Out PAC remains resolute in our mission to hold Justices Jimmy Blacklock, John Devine, and Jane Bland accountable for endangering the lives of Texas women. The upcoming second anniversary of the Dobbs decision is a reminder of the critical importance of judicial elections. Our fight continues, and we will not rest until we have leaders on the bench who defend every Texan’s rights and health. 

It’s time for change. This November, Find Out PAC is committed to ensuring judges who undermine our freedoms feel the wrath of those consequences at the ballot box.” – Gina Ortiz Jones, Founder, Find Out PAC.